Tips and Tricks for Community Managers

Published: April 14, 2022

Updated: April 14, 2022

By Alle Ceambur in Community

Tips and Tricks for Community Managers

Community managers are responsible for keeping a group of users happy and engaged. In this post, we’re sharing our expert tips that will help you manage your community with great success.

Here are 4 Expert Tips & Tricks for Community Managers who want to Succeed:

  1. Know your audience well.
  2. Find better ways to connect with your followers.
  3. Track each community member’s journey.
  4. Show appreciation to your community members.

Tip #1: Knowing your audience is key for successful community managers

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As a community manager, you are in close contact with your audience and can get first-hand feedback from them. This information is most valuable. It can help you tailor your message and tone to your group so that you end up with a happier and more loyal community.

  1. What are the issues that drive engagement?
  2. What are their main problems and difficulties?
  3. What is their general feedback?

Tip #2: Good community managers find new ways to connect with their audience

A community manager knows that nurturing a community is very important to keep it growing. When you engage with your followers by asking and answering their questions, you make them feel that they’re an important part of your community.

How to engage with your audience as a community manager:

  1. Add members and divide them into groups by interest.
  2. Introduce relevant and interesting topics for discussion regularly.
  3. Comment on posts and ask questions to your followers.
  4. Respond to all feedback, including negative comments.
  5. Engage people in conversations and invite them to ask questions and start discussions.

Tip #3: Track the journey of every community member

A member’s typical journey starts with being a non-member and ends with an engaged member and advocate. Use HubSpot’s Member’s Journey Template as a guide to figure out where a community member is in their journey and what he/she needs to move forward to the next stage. Note that every community is different and you may need to adapt this template (e.g. reduce the stages or questions) to better suit your community.

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Tip #4: Show appreciation to community members

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An important part of community management is showing appreciation to members. Remember that members are people too and like to feel valued and rewarded.

Here are some ways you can show appreciation as a community manager:

  1. Take note of key contributors to your community (document their names, emails, etc.).
  2. Call out active members and acknowledge their efforts (by telling them “thank you”).
  3. Reward engaged members with exclusive benefits (e.g. behind-the-scenes access, participation in exclusive events, etc.).
  4. Use social media listening tools to keep track of social media mentions and reach out to them to show your appreciation.

Conclusion: Tips for Community Managers who want to succeed

A community manager plays a crucial role in creating a positive experience for the audience. If your users have a positive experience, you as a community manager will build trust and loyalty, which will lead to more engagement and sales.