Slack Community Moderation

Published: October 30, 2022

Updated: October 30, 2022

By Alle Ceambur in Slack

Slack Community Moderation

Get to know the 8 Best Slack Community Moderation Tips and Apply Them!

Picture this: You’ve just started a Slack Community and you realize that there are a LOT more discussions happening than you initially envisioned. Now you’re finding it hard up keep up with your community. Without proper moderation, your Slack Community will quickly get flooded with all types of conversations. Some are relevant, but others may be completely off-topic or harmful to your community members.

If you don’t plan to give up on your community, we have some tips and best practices to help you improve your Slack Community moderation.

So, check them out below!

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Slack Community Moderation

Here are 8 tips for great Slack Community management to keep in mind:

#1 DO: Add multiple Community Managers

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If you’re finding it hard to manage conversations get someone to help you. Additional community admins can help you clear content that doesn’t belong and remove harmful posts from your Slack Community.

#2 DO: Track Common Community Offenders

Keep a list of community offenders and remind them of the consequences for repeatedly going against the rules. Once they know that you’re serious about community content (and that there are consequences) they’ll be more careful with what they post.

#3 DO: Create a Process for Slack Community Management

Create a process for your Slack community moderation:

#4 DO: Promote your Slack Community To Increase Sign-ups

Actively promote your Slack Community sign-up page to Twitter, in your Email newsletter and in blog posts so more people will know about it, and join.

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#5 DO: Engage with new members right away to keep them engaged

Engage with each new member as soon as they join and make sure they’re participating in discussions early on.

#6 DON’T: Discourage people from posting content in your community

Without discussions, you’ve got an inactive community - and that’s not good. Communities are built for people. If you discourage members from discussing, they’ll likely move to other communities.

#7 DON’T: Be too strict with the content guidelines

As your community grows, it’s normal to have community conversations that will go off-topic once in a while. Learn to accept this and give members opportunities to share other topics.

#8 DON’T: Respond to hateful comments with anger

Don’t get caught in arguments with your members. Always aim to be professional and respectful to your community members who are not creating problems. Conclusion: Do’s and Don’ts of Slack Community Moderation

Communities bring people a sense of belonging and are places for people to get their questions answered. As you start to build your own Slack Community, keep these tips in mind.

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