Team Names For Work

Published: October 13, 2021

Updated: October 13, 2021

By Rick Lamb in Workplace Collaboration

25 Of The Best Ideas For Team Names For Work

Why name a team?

Superficially team names in the workplace are assigned to groups to create a unique identity and help the team gel, engage and collaborate. Beyond that, it also affects how the team is perceived by the rest of the company. A name can make the team feel special, unique, powerful, but also different, isolated, or unimportant. It’s also common to spin-up named teams to solve specific problems, or own a whole area of expertise, not to mention splitting into groups for team building activities. But once the company is more than a few people you’ll need to name the groups and that’s when the fun begins and you’ll need to consider how the name makes the team feel and perceive themselves as well as how others perceive and react to them.

Professional Team Names For Work

Good names for a new problem-specific team at work that needs to not distract or interfere with what the rest of the company are doing might include:

  1. Advanced Concepts
  2. Company Labs
  3. Future Projects
  4. Innovation Center
  5. Skunkworks
  6. Tiger
  7. Special Ops
  8. R&D

Fun Team Names For Work

Catchy team names for work team-building events can be nearly anything as long as it isn’t offensive. One good method is to pick a theme like animals, colors, or historic figures. Add some catchy alliteration or witty humor and you’ll have tons of ideas in no time. Here are some ideas:

  1. Crazy Warthogs
  2. Fearless Chipmunks
  3. Fiery Flamingos
  4. Purple Pirates
  5. Blue Bandits
  6. Junior Varsity Hot Shots
  7. Indigo All-Stars
  8. Red Rustic Rebels

Good Team Names For Work Areas

One word team names are good for long-term groups of experts. Common ones you’ll find at many companies today are:

  1. Strategy
  2. Risk
  3. Security
  4. Frontend
  5. Backend
  6. IT
  7. Design
  8. Ops
  9. QA

Another option is to use a name generator like this Agile Team Name Generator, just remember to pick something appropriate to the situation.