Building a Niche Community: Tips for finding your Niche

Published: February 13, 2022

Updated: February 13, 2022

By Alle Ceambur in Community

Building a Niche Community: Tips for finding your Niche

What is a Niche Community?

A niche community describes a group of people with a common interest, hobbies, values, or goals. The main goal of a community is to provide value to members and get them involved in conversations with the community.

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Is it hard to start an online community or group?

Not at all. With social media, now everyone can start a group or a community.

The most challenging part is deciding on a niche. Aka. What is the main target audience for your group?

If you’re thinking of starting a community but need help deciding on a niche - this post is just for you.

Building a Niche Community: 3 Tips for Finding your Niche

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When you start a niche community you get access to a small group of people interested in the same topics.

Examples of Niche Communities:

  • Cat rescuers in your town
  • Coffee lovers groups
  • Expat life community
  • Work from home moms

Benefits of a Niche Community

  • Niche community has a small audience
  • Establish stronger relationships
  • Focused on building value
  • More relevant information
  • Less spam compared to large groups

Tips for Finding your Community Niche

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Step 1: Choose a topic that’s not too broad

When you start a community you probably have a few ideas of what you want your community to be about.

Here are some things to help you narrow it down:

  • What are your interests and passions?
  • Which problems can you help people solve?
  • What type of people do you want to be part of your community?

Next, you can list down some of these topics and do a simple keyword search to find out whether there is an audience.

Ideally, you want enough people to be interested in your niche, but not too many that it becomes too broad.

Step 2: Research your competition

Having an idea for a group is not enough.

You need to know whether your niche is going to be profitable.

For that, you should look at your competitors.

Few things to consider:

  • What makes these groups popular?
  • Who are the people they attract?
  • What will make your community different from others?

Step 3: Decide on a community platform

There are two main ways to build a community online:

  1. Social Media Groups - These are free to use and relatively easy to start without any management experience. However, they have a lot of limitations. Social media platforms like Facebook have a huge audience and are not focused on niche communities. You’ll also find there’s a lot of competition as Facebook will promote competitor communities to your audience.

    Examples: Facebook. Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Slack, etc.

  2. Community Platforms - These are more focused on a specific niche and offer robust branding and customization. That makes them great for community managers who need more control, integration with other apps, and tools for communicating with the community.

    Examples: Kodalia, Tribe

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